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Thread: Tapatalk has been installed!

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    Using it right now. FYI: I don't believe that you can use the chatbox on here (at least I can't find it).

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    Here's my first post from the app! So convenient

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    Other issue is you can "thank" someone using this app.

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    *Can't Can't edit posts either

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    Just curious. How do you delete a post?

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    Thanks for another great upgrade Corey!

    I'm not big on phones, but I'm glad others enjoy the new features.
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    You can edit and delete post by clicking on the post. You can also thank it by clicking the post. If you want to edit a post click on the more tab. I'm not sure of the privileges a regular user has. I can even ban a user from this.

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    Thanks Corey. I installed on my iPod. Seems to work fine.

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    Amazing news!
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    I installed tapatalk. Everything loads fine not signed in. When I sign in it states can't find server. No problem with the a browser as I am typing this from one. Any suggestions??

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