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Thread: Giants sign Matt Cain to a $127.5 million contract

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    Quote Originally Posted by PitchingWins View Post
    Actually, this is not correct. Zambrano got a $91.5M deal after Kevin Brown got his $105M deal.

    I also happen to think that Hendry jumped the gun. Plenty of teams would have avoided Zambrano because of his mental issues where Cain would have been the the #1 choice for every club looking to spend top-dollar on a starting arm.
    By AAV his contract was higher than Brown's...

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddies4angels View Post
    Im assuming your talking Wood and Prior
    Oh my god, if those guys stayed healthy, filthy to have those 2 on the same team. those guys were something special.

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    I understand why the Giants kept Cain, but wow. Unreal amount of money being paid to him. Baseball salaries are out of control.

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