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Thread: Mariner fans it's that time again... Commericals yeah.

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    Seattle Mariners Mariner fans it's that time again... Commericals yeah.

    Every year we Mariner fans always have something to look forward towards regardless how the season goes. The Mariners Commercials they are always make you laugh and smile. 2012's are no exception.

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    i love the Felix Hernandez one!!! haha

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    I like the one from a few years back when they bring in the whole A's team when Ichiro is batting. lol

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    I was not all that impressed with this seasons commercials. Nowhere close to the ones we got from the Griffey, Edgar and Buhner days. If I had to choose though I would go with the Felix commercial.
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    Personally I thought the Ackley one was hilarious.

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