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Thread: Belisario admits cocaine use

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    Belisario admits cocaine use

    Reliever Ronald Belisario admitted to have used cocaine. That was the reason that he stayed in Venezuela last season instead of pitching in the MLB. He was placed on the restricted list that kept him in Venezuela.
    Belisario said Wednesday that he only tried cocaine once, but doesn't remember when he used it or tested positive.

    Belisario will serve a 25-game drug violation suspension.

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    Once? I think cocaine is out of your system in a few days.

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    LOL, yeah, once my ass, OK maybe he only did cocaine once and the rest of the time he smokes crack. Maybe he smokes coca leaves. Maybe he’s a liar. Though didn’t Ron Washington say he tried it once? Everyone seemed to believe him. The working theory here is that Belisario tested positive as part of his drug test with the U.S. Consulate to get his visa.

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    At least he is admitting it and not blaming anyone the guy who analyzed the results or took the samples.

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    Whoa. How did I not hear about this? Some Dodgers fan I am.

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