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Thread: Colt 45's Jersey Dispute

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    Quote Originally Posted by RickD View Post
    I hate political correctness run amok!

    So in this revisionist version of baseball history, we get a neutered past. Allowed to continue, we will eventually see all teams have non-offensive names and logos. Let's see Yankees can be a derogatory term for northerners. Of course Indians and Braves are offensive. Let's see, the Athletics...we should change that because it is insensitive to people with disabilities who cannot be so active physically. The Giants can be considered offensive to short people.

    STUPID Decisions made by STUPID baseball officials do not bode well for the future of our game!

    I say the team should take a fine and where the shirts anyway!
    Mint post Rick! Really like the wise crack about the offensive Giants name, as my walk thru life has learned me that short people in general are very easy to set off. Like the short handyman that called me an old man, I replied, I'd rather be an old man then a middle aged runt and the guy called the cops on me.

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    Wow. Well if you want to be offended by MLB team names and logos, you can come up with a case for each one....stupid reasons for sure but reasons all the same.

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    It's on old west pistol. It's not like they'll have an Uzi on the uniform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathy View Post
    Big whoop-dee-doo There's a gun in the logo. It's not like the world's going to come to an end. I hope the Astros just pay the fine in advance, tell the so-called Commissioner to go stuff it and wear the uniforms.

    Perhaps this is what Selig is going for and just covering all the political bases for MLB. Selig is very old and probably thinks it's as ridiculous as we do. That gun looks like the ones Roy Rogers and Gene Autry use to carry.

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