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Thread: No offers for Wakefield yet

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    No offers for Wakefield yet

    According to the Sporting News, the Red Sox didn't offer Tim Wakefield a new contract. Neither did other teams.

    Wakefield pitched out of the bullpen last season and made a couple of spot starts. He posted a 7-8 record with a 5.12 ERA.

    Reportedly there are clubs interested, although the SN doesn't know which ones.

    Wakefield is contemplating retirement. The 45 year old says that he has to discuss that option with his family, but that he prefers to play one more year with the Red Sox.

    I know baseball is a business and that he is quite old. But I feel sad for him. A guy who always acted in the best interest of his team. He didn't care wether he had to pitch out of the bullpen or act as a starter.
    I think this guy is a class act.

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    The Red Sox should just sign him... it's just one spot in the bullpen.

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    I see Cubs offering him a MLD. Cubs always saying they want depth

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    He's 45....there is no shame in calling it a career!

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    Wakefield needs to stay in shape and stay patient. Should injuries decimate anyone's rotation during the season, I am pretty sure his phone will ring. I would actually bet he's at the top of Boston's list, should that happen and they need a vet instead of a call-up.

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