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Thread: Hanley Ramirez okay with 3B

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    Hanley Ramirez okay with 3B

    SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AP)—Hanley Ramirez says he’ll accept a position switch to third base so Miami Marlins newcomer Jose Reyes can play shortstop.
    As an owner of Han-Ram in 2 fantasy leagues, i am bummed by this move a little bit as his value at SS is a little greater than at 3B. However, i am glad as a fan of the game to see Hanley accept the position change. Plus, Reyes hasn't had a completely healthy season in a few years, so he will likely get more than a few starts at SS assuming Ozzie allows it.

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    Hanley was whining for a while. Guess he joined the crowd who would think that smaller, faster, Reyes would look a bit goofy, compared to himself at 3rd.

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    There is something behind he moving to 3rd base just like that. Just had that thought. Like he just agrees.
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    The team could have put it to him that it was happening and he had to suck it up. "You voluntarily move and we will allow you share that info publicly."

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