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Thread: Ervin Santana throws no-hitter

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    Los Angeles Angels Ervin Santana throws no-hitter

    It was the first Angels solo no-hitter since 1984. It was strange because Cleveland managed to score a run, but it was unearned.

    Santana becomes the 3rd person to throw a no-hitter this season, following in the footsteps of Francisco Liriano and Justin Verlander.

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    Good for him. The Angels have some decent pitching, and the Rangers have been unable to shake them loose. SHould make for a good race. In fact there are 5 pretty good races out there -- the NL East would look to be fairly well wrapped up.
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    And I had him on my bench in fantasy this week...disgusting!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoshRedcay View Post
    And I had him on my bench in fantasy this week...disgusting!!!
    You're just having a bad week in general.
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    Darn! I missed all this. Good for him. Always a great achievement.

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