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  • Mark McLemore

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  • Jeff Kent

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  • Delino DeShields

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  • Craig Biggio

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  • Carlos Baerga

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  • Roberto Alomar

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Thread: Greatest Second Baseman - 1990's

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    Greatest Second Baseman - 1990's

    This thread will allow you to vote for who in your opinion feel is the greatest player at his position for a particular decade. The criteria I will be using is 1,000 games played for position players, 250 games started for SP's, and 400 appearances for relief pitcher's.

    Here are the candidates for the 1990's Second Baseman, and the poll will be closed at 11:50 am CST on Tuesday, June 21st.

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    I have to think about this one myself for awhile, between Alomar and Biggio. They were both tremendous in this decade.

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    Needless to say, i voted for Craig Biggio. He made the move from Catcher to 2B in this decade and he turned out to be a pretty darn good one. If he didnt spend the entire decade in a home ballpark that LITERALLY sucks the power out of your bat, then his power numbers would have been even greater. He had to play defense on Astroturf for half his games, which i can only imagine makes it harder, and was still an above-average defender......Plus, he never spit in anyone's face

    Go Biggio!!

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    Although I wanted to be a homer and choose Delino DeSheilds, but Craig Biggio gets my vote. He was fun to watch growing up as a kid. He was always a leader and good ball player. AF made a very good point, moving from C to 2B is a tough transition. Biggio excelled!

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    Biggio just seemes to have the edge here IMO. He was a great all-around player.

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    Biggio actually played the first years of the 90's as a catcher! He didn't get to second base until 1992,
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    Biggio barely ahead of Alomar.

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    For me it was between Biggio and Alomar. Both had very similiar offensive numbers, but Biggio was a bit better and they were both easily the best at there positions during this period for there respected leagues.

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