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Thread: Fuld vs Rodriguez

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    Tampa Bay Rays Fuld vs Rodriguez

    What do you think Rays fans... did you see this one coming?

    Fuld has surpassed A. Rod this season (so far) with a batting average of .396 (A. Rod = .385).

    Did you think Fuld would be such a key player this year?
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    Both players have their value for their teams. Like I said, Manny's retirment is the best thing that could happen to the Rays. It is far fetched to say that the Rays play better because Manny isn't there, but fact is that they started to play better AFTER his retirment.

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    Well Fuld has really come out and been an intricate part of the Rays getting back on track here and helping out with the loss of Longo.

    I'm also with YBF, no one can deny how the Rays have played a lot better now that Manny is gone.

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    Fuld cooled down, but he's still been hot on defense. And today he finally got a hit and an RBI.

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